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Hide--Seek: Franny by Eva-chan3
Hide--Seek: Franny
Name: Francine "Franny" Aallen

Age: 23

Gender: Fem

Height: 5'0

Weight: 118

Birthday (optional):  7/1

Side: Humani 

Weapon: Monkey Wrench

Level: 1 


- Hp: 10
- Strength: 5
- Defense: 1
- Agility: 6
- Speed: 12
- Intelligence: 5
- sociality: 6
- Control: 5

Strong point: Speed

Weak point: Defense


+ mentoring
+ Black licorice
+ Pastelsssss
+  Tic Tacs

- Candy
- Animals
- strong smells
- Carbonation

Personality: Franny worked at a roller rink in the city so she loved to teach the "learn how to roller skate!" classes for everyone. However by working at a place that is catered to kids and their wants she's starting to dislike sweet food, strong smells, and carbonation. After being around it constantly the dislike has grown. However in search of finding something candy-like but not super sweet she turned her affection to Tic Tacs and Black Licorice. Franny loves her job but curses a lot, finding it hard to not slip up (especially when she messes up or gets scared). She also loves her job because she can wear obnoxious pastels that don't match with anything because she's poor and can only buy certain pieces of clothing at a time. Becoming distracted frequently it's hard for her to focus on attaining a good combo of everything so she relies on gifts from friends and family to get her actual matching clothing. In response to her not liking animals, it's only because she was bit by (seemingly) all animals because she would try to pick them up and (not knowing how to properly do it) would get bit. Little Franny soon disliked animals.  

Background story: Franny was born and raised in the city, loving the busy streets and interesting people. As she grew she picked up small jobs here and there. Her biggest one was being a courier for a small company based in the city. Due to that she had to learn how to get across the city and back quick.Turning to roller skates and blades she found her true love in life, becoming a skilled skater. After graduating high school she went to a Junior college, working towards her Associates degree. At 22 she decided to take a semester off in order to look for where to transfer. While going to college she began to work at the Roller Rink and joined the roller derby team. Being skilled enough she was hired their full time after finishing college. 

When she stumbled onto the siblings she tried to help them both out but ended up siding with the boy, sympathizing with him move. However the night turned into a lot of cursing as she experienced what he did first hand. When she returned and saw the paper Franny sprinted out of there before she could look around any more. Franny doesn't think she has what it takes to be able to fight monsters, or even defend herself for that matter. Franny decided that she will try to do the best she can, maybe a break from college searching would do some good. 

Additional info:
- smoke color is green
- Franny knows how to repair her roller blades, having vague knowledge and experience in fixing little machines.
- snacks a lot 
- recently got out of a relationship

((I'll do better refs later sorry OTL))
Haganai-Club App : Wilfred by Eva-chan3
Haganai-Club App : Wilfred
:iconhaganai-club: :iconhaganai-club: :iconhaganai-club:
I hope I get in...

[ name ] Wilfred “Wilf” Lancaster

[ age ] 16

[ gender ] Male

[ notable features ] Freckles, and acne. Blue eyebrows. A lot’s happening on his face. Asexual bc his artistic experience helped him get accustomed to nudity and models in compromising poses. He has little to no sex drive since the urge to draw and his interest in human anatomy overcomes the appeal



[ skill ] Artist, mainly a sketch artist but also does other mediums such as watercolors, pastel, charcoal,  colored pencils and pens.

[ height ] 5’8

[ weight ] 130


[ personality ]

    -        serious : When drawing he gets quiet and focused on the piece, often turning up his music in order to ignore outside noise.

    -        blunt : dancing around a subject takes useless time in his mind

    -        shy : Wilf is used to sitting on the sidelines and people watching, focused attention on him makes him feel antsy

    -        Self-conscious: he always tries to look interesting in how he sits, knowing the feeling of wanting a different sitting pose to draw and no one around him is doing any interesting poses. He also does a hair check every couple of hours.

    -        Impatient: he doesn’t usually become angry, just impatient towards people

    -        other personality traits : he’s extrememly bad with dealing with others emotions, not usually seeing the inside of people. If someone becomes super emotional he gets confused and uncomfortable. 

[ history ]

            Growing up in a distant household full of quiet people Wilfred had been homeschooled by a private tutor since he could read. His family lived high in the mountains of the Swiss Alps. With a family status based around their banks that were centered in Switzerland, Wilfred learned several languages and is extremely knowledgeable about banks, money, and their laws.  However his father spent most time in the study and his mother was focused on her grand trips to spend the family money Wilfred learned how to play by himself. Later on at about 8 his parents separated, Wilfred was given therapy on how to deal with the situation. Despite not having a very strong bond with his parents the idea to seek a hobby to distract him by led him to start drawing. After his home teacher observed this skill she had his father hire teachers that taught him to be a very skilled artist. No expense was too much when it came to his skill, his father just happy to see Wilfred engaged.

            Many years later Wilfred went up to his father and told him that he believed he was old enough to be in a school with other students. Seeking the best Himawari Academy was chosen as the school he would go to. With bags of supplies, clothes, and hope the teenager went to the private school. Hoping at least that he could learn how to interact easy and understand people.


[ trivia ]

    -          Eats tomatoes like apples

    -       Gets frustrated when people stay still for a long time then move.

    -        doesn’t picture himself ever getting married

    -        current favorite song is Luciano Pavarotti and James Brown - It's a Man's World

    -          =Will add more later=


[ likes/dislikes ]

    -        Spinach

    -        loud people/fast speakers

    the repeating of the ‘s’ sound . i.e. criSPS, ghoSTS, ect.


    +       grapefruit

    +       his eyebrows

    +       opera

    +       his mp3 player

[ relationships ]

    - none. will be added as he meets more people

taggggggged by Eva-chan3
i got tagged by both Terie-chan and Evanyy so woop. I dont have anyone to tag though..


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